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This survey is compiled as a public service to give consumers a general comparison of funeral prices. Funeral businesses are required by the rules of the Federal Trade Commission to give prices over the phone and to give a printed copy of a General Price List (GPL) to anyone appearing in person and requesting information about funeral goods and services. The prices in the 2012 Mortuary Price Survey are from the General Price Lists provided by the funeral homes.  Prices are “subject to change without notice.”  FCA of Kern County has made a good faith attempt to report the price information as accurately as possible.  Please contact the funeral business directly to confirm current pricing.

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It is very simple.  Each adult member pays a one-time fee of $30.  Members’ children are included without charge until they reach the age of 18.  In addition, each member completes a form, “Survivor Instructions and Mortuary Information (SIMI),” he or she retains.  Two copies of the completed form are mailed to FCA-KC.  FCA-KC will keep one copy for its files and send one to the mortuary.  If you wish a wallet card, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope

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Contact Sheila Ross at 661-397-4051
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A nonprofit alliance dedicated to providing information to consumers and protecting their right to choose a simple, meaningful, economical, dignified funeral or memorial service.
About Us

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FCA-KC provides its members with informative newsletters up to three times per year. The newsletters contain important information and reminders about end of life issues. 

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